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Streetball is to be played on an inflatable x-ball type fleld wlth two teams. The teams may be limited or unlimited. Crowd pariticpation is allowed and encouraged, as well as teamwork. The objective of streetball is for an individual to score as many points for himself in a given time frame. The player with most points scored at the end of play wins the competition. Any marker on any mode may be used. ROF limit is 15 bps. Chrono is 290.

Any break larger than a nickel anywhere on a player or equipment is a hit and elimination.



The initial formation of teams will be as follows:

Every participant is required to fill out a slip of paper and score sheet.

All names will be entered/place in a general collecting device (hat, bag, etc.)

Three names will be removed at random, this is Team 'A'. First game participants.

Three names will be removed at random again, this is Team 'B'. First game participants.

Three names will be removed at random once more, this is Team 'C'. 'On deck' team.

Pariticlpant's names not chosen will remain in general bag until after first game.

Teams 'A' & 'B' will play game one. Games end when one team is totally eliminated.

Game two will be team 'C' and any surviving members of winning team. The winning team will draw from the general bag of players to round out the team if needed.

Team 'D' now draws three players and are 'on deck' for game three.

Team and player selection continues as described above. Once all players have played at least one time, names are then placed back in general bag and all players are now eligible to be picked randomly until competition ends.

There is no time limit, game ends when one team is totally eliminated.

A 2 - 5 minute Break will commence allowing players to reorganize, refill and restratigize.

At the end of the Break, all players must be on the field and if not, they will not play in the game.

A 10 second warning will be given before start of Game play. At end of 10 seconds, the Scorekeeper will yell "Go Go Go" to commence game play.


Scoring is simple, you survive the game, you get one point.

If you cheat, you get minus 10 points. If you don't know what cheating is, check out the cheater's info sheet before the match.

more info? call us 645-7127








You must print and bring transaction receipt. 

You will not be able to play without transaction receipt.

This pass is non-transferrable.



This pass is valid for one year beyond purchase date

only $200.00

This pass is good on every general admission day.
Pass includes field fee and all day air for one tank.
If you don’t have your own equipment, standard equipment rental is available for $7. with this pass.
This pass also enables you to take advantage of super
specials on paint, equipment, & special events.
Pass is good for both fields

Don't need it? Let a friend offer.


Four Case Special       NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Pre-purchase four cases of field paint and always have fresh paint available. Buy as many Four Case Specials as you want.

CQB Party for 10  NO LONGER AVAILABLE     

Your own exclusive 2 hour event at our CQB course. Includes 12 X7 Phenoms and 2 cases of paint, ref, unlimited air, and field fee. May be scheduled at any time, reservations required.



Any Kid's Party for 12  NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Choose any of our Kid's Parties for ages 4 - 8:

Lazer Tag

Bazooka Ball


Exclusive 2 hour party in our Kid's Arena. Includes ref and all equipment. Reservations required. Schedule at any time. Check description of each party on our website.

Event Selection

Paintball Party for Six NO LONGER AVAILABLE  

Includes six 98 Custom standard rentals. One case of paint (2000 rnds), unlimited air, and field fee. Played at our woodsball field (11850 Camden Road)

Reservations not required.

Field Fee & Air            NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Unadvertised Black Friday Special

Includes unlimited air for one tank, and field fee. Good at both our woodsball field (11850 Camden Road) and our airball/CQB field (614 Pecan Park Road)

Buy as many as you want, use whenever you want.

Special Use