Paintball Adventures features an unique rate system available only to religious organizations. The rates are:


Call Paintball Adventures for more details on our 'Package Paintball Pass' offer. 904.645.7127 or purchase below:





This package is for purchase by special/religious  organizations only.

Use passes separately, in groups, or all together.

No expiration on any PBA Pass.

50 complete standard rentals with 500 rounds per player.

Valid 40 days after purchase.





Paintball Adventures has equipment for 400 players. Our guns are first quality, made in the USA rentals that are second to none. Upgrades are available.


904.645.7127 or info@paintballadventures.com

Group rates are complete standard rentals including all day gas,

paintball gun, hopper, goggle system, field fee, and paint as indicated.

Group rates require reservations and are PAID in advance.

Call us to check availability

A Private Ref is available for groups. Generally we do not recommend  a private ref, however the decision is yours.

Certain unavoidable or unforeseen conditions may require reservations or play conditions to be changed.

Any paid amounts will continue to new play date or time. PBA reserves the right to maintain safe play and conditions.


1. Contact PBA to check date availability. We are open every Saturday & Sunday from 8:30am - 6:30pm,

and available anytime, Monday - Friday, weekdays.

2. Determine which rate applies to your group size.

3. Pay for your group package by:

A) Cash. You may pay using cash at our office location - 844 Whitlock Ave. #3, Jacksonville, 32211 or

at our playing field - 11850 Camden Road, Jacksonville, 32218

Please call in advance to assure we are at the location you desire to visit.

Do Not Send Cash via mail.

B) Money Order or Check. Our only mailing address is 844 Whitlock #3, Jacksonville, Florida 32211.

C) Credit Card. We accept credit cards through PayPal only. It's simple, easy and secure.

E-mail or call us for details about paying with PayPal.

4. After completing the steps above, your group will be booked for the specific date you requested.

If your play date needs to be changed, don't worry, we will change the date, at no charge, to your new date.

We only require the change be made at least 24 hours prior to your play date. We can not change your play date

on the day of play or after the play date. If you have additional players, we allow a 20% increase in your group size

to be paid the day of the event. The discounted group rate you paid will apply to the additional players.