Frequently Asked Paintball Questions

Paintball FAQ

Maybe it’s your first time playing paintball, or you might have a few more questions…

Paintball is both a sport and a game. Games include numerous themes and variations and are played in both wooded areas and on speedball courses. At Paintball Adventures, we have wooded fields with a “crashed” airplane, castles, bunkers, trails, barricades, sniper trails, and plenty of natural cover.

Anyone who is in reasonably good health can play paintball. Our minimum age requirement is 11 years old. Every player must fill out a waiver in order to play. Players under the age of 18 must have parental consent.  

We use every safety precaution and every recommended safety feature available. By following the guidelines of correct and safe play, paintball is one the safest of all team sports. Regardless of where you play paintball, always play at a reputable field with referees, chronos, and safety guidelines. Don’t play at outlaw fields, backyards, or on property not designated for paintball play.

William Shatner said it best when he first played paintball: “The sting of the paintball is part of the mystique of the ballgame. So, the kick of running and jumping, dodging the paintball goes right back to your childhood. And the competition of trying to make the points to win the overall thing is a rush.” So, while getting “marked” by a paintball might sting a little, the sensation is similar to getting snapped by a rubber band and will usually go away in a couple seconds.

Right here at our field. Don’t risk your safety by playing at unlicensed, uninsured, and improperly zoned areas. Outlaw fields can be dangerous and possibly illegal. Always play safe no matter where you play. We also do remote set-ups. We are able to bring one of our inflatable playing fields to you, call us (904-645-7127) for details. Private and semi-private games are available, just call us for details. Paintball Adventures is open every Saturday and Sunday from 9am until 5pm. We are also open on holidays and for special events. Weekdays that we are closed are available by reservation. 

You may sign-up individually or as a group. We do, however, require reservations to secure your equipment.

A paintball is a round, thin-skinned gelatin capsule with colored liquid inside it. Paintballs are similar to large round vitamin capsules or bath oil beads. The fill inside paintballs is non-toxic, non-caustic, water-soluble and biodegradable. It rinses out of clothing and off skin with mild soap and water and they are even edible, although we don’t recommend it!

Yes. You may bring food and beverages. Alcoholic beverages or drugs are not permitted.

Many people wear camouflage or hunting clothing. Dark, loose fitting pants and a long-sleeve plaid shirt is a good alternative to camouflage. Layering with a sweatshirt will also give some extra padding. Hiking boots, combat boots, or athletic shoes are choices for footwear. No tank tops, shorts, or open toe shoes are recommended OR allowed.

We supply all the equipment needed to play the game and various packages are available. We are “field paint only.” This means only the paint sold directly to you by Paintball Adventures may be used at our field. This rule is safety driven. Our paint is very reasonably priced and various grades are available.

You may bring your own equipment, but we will inspect your equipment to make sure it meets our safety standards.

  1. All goggles must be full-face masks and be unaltered. There can be no cracks in the lenses at all.
  2. Paintball markers must be semi-automatic with a trigger guard. We also require barrel socks or plugs.
  3. All CO2 or High Pressure tanks must be in test date. High-pressure fiber wrap tanks may not have any cracks or fraying and can’t have any stickers, decals or other coverings on them. No bulk CO2 fill stations are allowed. CA fill stations are allowed, but are subject to inspection.
  4. Maximum velocity is 300 fps. Every gun is subject to inspection and exclusion from use if determined to be unsafe.

No, Paintball Adventures is open Saturday and Sunday YEAR ROUND. The only time we stop play is if there are lightning strikes on or near the park grounds. We will resume play as soon as the storm passes.

No, Paintball Adventures is all outdoors.

Yes, we fill Compressed Air to 4500 lbs. We have a variety of upgrade equipment and repair parts available. We repair most guns and paintball equipment.

A day of paintball (including admission, rental equipment, and your paint) will cost you around $35-$50, depending on how much paint you shoot. We do offer memberships that will save you money.

Individual games last between 12-20 minutes. The entire day lasts 8-9 hours. On a typical day, we play at least a dozen games. The action is fast and turn around is quick.

More FAQs - Paintball Rules

At Paintball Adventures, we promote a safe, clean, fun and family oriented environment.

Please help us to maintain this environment by abiding by our rules.


1. Waivers must be completed before you play.  Online waivers should be completed before you arrive at the park.

2. The minimum age to play paintball at our park is 11 years old, unless noted otherwise.  However, spectators of all ages are welcome.

3. Group leaders register all party members and pay for the group at the same time.  Completed waivers are also verified at this time.

4. Players must check-out when finished playing if using any of our gear.


5.Paintball Adventures is a field-paint-only park.  No outside paintballs are allowed.

6. No refunds on paint purchases.


7. You must receive an orientation before you play.

8. ALWAYS put your goggles on BEFORE entering the playing field.

9. ALWAYS put on your goggles BEFORE entering a “Goggles ON” area.

10. NEVER remove your goggles once inside the netting or within a “Goggles ON” area.

11. Approved goggles must ON at ALL times while on the playing field.

12. ALWAYS keep your barrel sock on your marker unless you are on the playing field and are instructed to remove it by a referee.

13. Barrel Sock ON and Safety ON when not playing.

14. Barrel Socks are the ONLY approved barrel blocking device; no barrel plugs, removing the barrel, or other means is permitted.

15. No firing of markers in the staging area, period.

16. No firing of markers in the parking lot.

17. No blind firing.  You must see your target to shoot your marker when on the playing field.

18. No firing of markers on the field PRIOR to start or AFTER the game is over.

19. All personal markers must be Chronographed to 300 FPS or less.

20. No Rental Equipment in parking area.

21. Referees calls are FINAL and inarguable.

22. Do NOT enter the playing field unless accompanied by a referee.

23. You are liable for your equipment and personal belongings, not us.  Please keep them stored safely and securely and not laying around.

24. No unauthorized equipment or potentially dangerous gear is allowed.  All firearms, knives, etc. are prohibited.  Paintball Adventures reserves the right to approve all equipment used on the premises.

25. Modifications are prohibited.  Players are not allowed to modify safety goggles, rental markers, bunkers, or any property on the premises.

26. Do NOT touch, stand, or lean on the netting.  Spectators must stand at least 6′ from the netting.

27. Report any infractions of these rules immediately to a referee or staff member.


28. No physical contact, arguing, profanity, or unsportsmanlike conduct.

29. Do NOT shoot the referees.

30. Do NOT climb on or over any bunkers or obstacles.

31. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.


32. NO ALCOHOL OR ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES ALLOWED ON THE PREMISES.  Anyone suspected of being under the influence will be ejected from the premises.

33. Smoking allowed in designated area only.

34. Anyone stealing or vandalizing anything at the park or anything belonging to Paintball Adventures or another customer, will be prosecuted and permanently banned from the park.

35. Before leaving the premises with your marker, remove the air source from the marker, remove paint and secure it in a bag.


36. Disregard for any of the above rules may result in removal from the premises without refund.

37. Always be SAFE and have FUN.

38. Read and follow all the directions of all signs posted regarding all instructional and safety issues